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The Pagan Kids Yuletide Special

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

It is that time of year again! The second annual Pagan Kids Yuletide Special will be launching on YouTube on the morning of December 20, 2021, and running until February 2, 2022. This year Pagan Kids features two new authors, J.C. Artemisia and Dan Desilets. Together we are reading and sharing our stories to gift our communities some Yuletide magic and spread the holiday cheer.

This year's stories include Old Mother Frost by Jennifer Hartman, The Holly King and the Oak King by J.C. Artemisia, and The Yule Hog by Dan Desilets. Don't miss out! Subscribe to the Pagan Kids YouTube channel now:

About the Stories Old Mother Frost is a Yuletide story of an ancient Norse goddess who sleeps all year long, waking only to make sure children are happy, healthy and festive during the longest and coldest nights of the year.

The Holly King and the Oak King - On a magickal mountain with the power to change the weather, twin stars fall into the forest, and two kings are born. The Holly King and the Oak King live on the magickal mountain until a tremor leads them down the slope and into the human lands below. They discover a world in trouble without the right balance of sunlight. But the kings cannot agree on the best course, and a battle is sure to ensue. The Yule Hog - What’s a Yule Hog? After a misunderstanding at the farm, that’s exactly what Henry wants to find out. To keep his bacon out of the frying pan, he’ll have to learn the true meaning of the season. I am so excited to be able to publish a special presentation that brings all sorts of legends together. Old Mother Frost is a perfect combination of Norse legend and culture; The Holly King and the Oak King is a perfect legend about the Celtic gods and the solstice; and The Yule Hog is a sweet Celtic story introducing Yule and the Celtic god, Cernunnos. Whether you have our books, I hope your families enjoy reading along with the authors this year. Have a blessed solstice, a good Yule and a very merry Yuletide.

From all of us.



Jennifer Hartman

Jennifer Hartman is the author and content creator behind the Pagan Kids resource. She is a Canadian-born author raised with Swedish traditions and pre-Christian folklore. Her focus lies in creating children's books that nourish and clarify old and new ways of Norse paganism. Learn more below:

J.C. Artemisia

J.C. Artemisia is a communications professor with a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing. She is a pantheist Pagan and the proud mother to three happy children. In addition to writing and visual art, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and baking up some kitchen magick. Learn more below:

Dan Desilets

Dan Desilets was born in 1969, shortly after the moon landing and celebrated this by becoming a part of the airborne infantry in his adulthood. He has the distinction of having been hit by an aircraft in flight and surviving. He grew up in a small town in the quiet corner of CT with his ten brothers and sisters.

His father read him Tolkien until he was old enough to read it himself. He consumed books like air. When he was old enough to walk in the forest by himself, he searched high and low for the secret portal that he knew must be hiding there.

Dan still lives in the Quiet Corner and is married with two adult children. He still occasionally searches for the portal in the woods.

He writes mainly in the fantasy genre. Learn more below:


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