At the time of inauguration, Jennifer Hartman could not find any family-friendly resources for Norse pagan children. There also weren't any Yuletide pagan books based on the origins of the holidays. Wanting both for her family she created them.

The Brand
Pagan Kids is an online resource that helps introduce children to Norse history, lifestyle, folklore and mythology. It offers easy to understand, educational and fun content that is lacking in today's world.

On this website you will find free printable activities with accompanying mini-lessons for children. The 'blog' section is reserved for parents where they will find posts on family-friendly activities for the holidays, recommended reading material, information on Pagan Kids projects and more.  

The Facebook and Instagram pages include the following:

  • Fun facts on Norse Mythology and the Viking Age lifestyle

  • Celebrations (new and old)

  • Folklore of the Scandinavian people

  • Historical monuments and landmarks

  • Quotes from reputable materials like The Poetic Edda and sagas

The Book

Old Mother Frost is a research-based Yuletide story based on tales of an ancient Norse goddess who is older than the oldest Yuletide storyShe comes to the ground to make sure children are happy, healthy and festive during the coldest and darkest time of year (the 12 days of Yuletide)​.



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About the Author

As a Canadian-born unto a Swedish heritage, my childhood was full of exciting tales and traditions from my Mom’s country. I grew up with different celebrations and holidays that were married into the western customs. For Christmas, I celebrated Yule for nearly an entire month, baked traditional Swedish treats, and took part in a couple Santa Lucia concerts.

When I grew up I married a Canadian man from a German heritage, and together we had our Canadian-born son who we wish to raise with Swedish and German traditions.


Living in Canada, I found it difficult to find English books on tales we grew up with; and I wanted my son to know the origins of Canadian traditions can be traced back to the areas his ancestors originated.

Taking matters into my own hands, I began researching and writing my first children’s book, Old Mother Frost - a Yuletide story based on tales of a deity said to have inspired the stories of Santa Claus. She is older than the oldest Yuletide story; and her role is to make sure children are happy, healthy and festive of during the coldest and darkest time of year (12 days of Yuletide).

With Old Mother Frost now available to the world, I am furthering my dream to create a four book series covering the Norse Pagan origins of all the major Scandinavian holidays! 

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