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The Brand

Pagan Kids is a research-based resource for Norse Pagan families that aims to reconnect major celebrations with their non-Christian origins from Northern European countries in a suitable way for children and beginners.


Drawing inspiration from the frustrations shared by Norse pagan and Heathen communities, Pagan Kids creates and supplies: children's books, educational blogs/studies, free educational printables for children, free colouring pages from featured artists, and a small online boutique for the whole family.


Pagan Kids is also the brand behind the annual Pagan Kids Yuletide Special that features read-along from other authors to help encourage holiday spirit among pagan families.


Old ways or new age, Pagan Kids connects us all.

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Jennifer Hartman
The Author

Jennifer Hartman is the author and content creator behind the Pagan Kids resource. She is a Canadian-born author, raised with Swedish traditions and pre-Christian folklore. Together, with her husband, they chose to raise their family with pre-Christian Norse traditions.

Unfortunately, there is not much for children in this demographic. Frustrated she turned to research and created her first children's book, 'Old Mother Frost' - A Yuletide story for children.

Since the launch of her first book, she has expanded her brand to help support Norse pagan families.


Her focus still lies in creating children's books that nourish and clarify old and new ways of Norse paganism.

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