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Below is a variety of New Age and Old Ways worksheets with corresponding mini-lessons to help your learners develop their writing skills while becoming familiar with various Norse Pagan subjects like Norse mythology, lifestyle, traditions and celebrations.


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The oldest song from the Medieval Scandinavian period is found in the last known book, at the end of the last page, written in an extinct language called 'Old Norse' and in symbols called runes. This book is called the Codex Runicus. It was found in Denmark and is over 720 years old.

The song is called Drømde mig en drøm i nat (Dreamed me a dream last night).

Other songs from the Viking Age come from the Poetic and Prose Eddas, sagas and other manuscripts. They include military songs, domestic songs, and songs for entertainment. 

The music was played by lur - a string instrument made from a hollowed-out bowl, a neck, and willow bands tied at different lengths to produce different sounds. 

Other instruments include:

  • Bells

  • Drums - Drums made from wood and covered with animal skin

  • Lyre - A harp-like instrument

  • Rattles

  • Rebec - A string instrument that looks similar to a violin

  • Tagelharpa - A harp-like instrument made with horsehair

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The Little Frogs is a Pagan Kids translation of a traditional festival song in Sweden called 'Små Grodarna.' Kids dance, sing and laugh while making silly gestures and poking fun at frogs and pigs.

This song is paired with a dance around a maypole or midsommarstång (a leafy pole that sticks high up in the air) and is always played during Sweden's May Day or midsommarfest (Midsummer festival).

Print out this song and watch your kids laugh hysterically while they 'Kwak-ka-ka' like a frog while dancing clockwise in a circle, and then 'snort' like a pig while dancing counter-clockwise. 

I add a twist for my upcoming book, 'Midsommar Sól,' where the last person dancing is crowned Midsommar King or Queen. Hooray!

If this wasn't enough fun already, you could dress your kids up in flower crowns like they do in Sweden or get them a little Midsommar frog shirt from my Spring Shop HERE. All proceeds go toward creating more great books and activities for our families.

Pagan Kids is working to offer more free activities!
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