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Below is a variety of New Age and Old Ways worksheets with corresponding mini-lessons to help your learners develop their writing skills while becoming familiar with various Norse Pagan subjects like Norse mythology, lifestyle, traditions and celebrations.


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Asgard Gods.png

Norse Mythology is the belief system of the Old Norse pagans and Heathens. Let us start with the gods:

The gods of Asgard are called the Aesir. Some of the most popular include::

  • Odin - The All-Father or All-Wise. He has two ravens who watch over Midgard, he rides an 8-legged horse named Sleipnir, and Odin only has one eye.

  • Thor - Odin's son and god of thunder. He owns a mighty hammer called Mjolnir.

  • Tyr - God of law and justice. He only has one hand.

  • Loki - The trickster god - gets into lots of mischiefs.

  • Idun - Her golden apples keep the gods immortal. (Also spelled Idunn).

  • Heimdall - Guardian of Asgard. He protects the Aesir from the Bifrost Bridge.

  • Bragi - Wise bard of Valhalla 

  • Frigg - Odin's wife

Vanaheim Crossword.png

Gods from Vanaheim are called the Vanir. The Aesir and Vanir used to be enemies, and they fought for a long time. Eventually, the two groups reached a truce. In good faith, they traded members with each other. The gods listed below are now commonly known as honorary members of the Aesir (or the Aesir-Vanir): 


  • Freya

  • Frey (or Freyr)

  • Njordr (or Njord)

Freya is the goddess of love, beauty, magic and fertility.

Frey is Freya's brother. He is the god of peace, rain, sunshine and fertility. He is loved by all, hated by none.

Njordr is the father of Freya and Frey. He is the god of wealth, harvest and abundance, wind and sea-faring. He is the principal god of the Vanir tribe. 

The Vanir are associated with: health, fertility, wisdom, and ancient Norse magic. Those who practice this magic are called a seidr, and those who use these powers for work are called a völva.

A seidr sees the fate of people and gods, and they can work within the boundaries of fate to change the course of lives. A völva is a travelling practitioner who performs their magic for compensation or gifts. Freya is a seidr and a völva.

9 Realms Word Search.png

In Norse Mythology, Yggdrasil is the Tree of Life. It holds nine realms. They are called: 

1. Asgard - Realm of the Aesir

2. Vanaheim - Realm of the Vanir
3. Alfheim - Realm of the Bright Elves
4. Jotunheim - Realm of the Giants
5. Midgard - Realm of the Humans (us!)
6. Muspelheim/Muspell - Realm of Fire-Giants
7. Nidavellir - Realm of the Dwarves
8. Niflheim - Realm of Ice and Mist
9. Helheim - Where the dead go to keep living

Match & Write Kindergarten Worksheet.jpg

Each realm of Yggdrasil holds its own species or race.

  • Asgard is home to the Aesir

  • Vanaheim is home to the Vanir

  • Alfheim is the realm of the bright elves

  • Jotunheim is the land of giants

  • Midgard is home to humans

  • Muspelheim is the realm of fire-giants

  • Niflheim is the realm of ice and mist

  • Helheim is where the dead go to keep living

Can you match each race to their home realm?

Norse Sky Gods - Word Search.png

Inspired by the Pagan Kids toddler book, the Who Is That in the Sky? Word Search has the names of lesser-known Norse deities who travel through the skies to bring darkness and light.

In the Edda poem called Voluspa, we learn how the universe was created, how the cosmos work, and the history of gods, giants and dwarves. 

In regards to sky gods, we learn:

  • Dellingr is a beautiful god who rides a horse with a glowing mane. Together they bring dawn to night skies

  • Dagr is a god whose appearance is bright and fiar. His horse's name is Skinfaxi. Together they draw the light of day over Midgard

  • Sól the sun personified. She is a very attractive, shining and bright goddess. She pulls the sun on her chariot.

  • Nótt is the goddess of the night who is described as dark and swarthy (dark and black in colour). Her horse's name is Hrímfaxi, and they bring the darkness to the skies.

  • Máni is the god who pulls the moon across the sky. He is Sol's brother. They fly around the world opposite each other so that we can tell time on a 24 hours rotation.

Can you find all five of their names in the word search?

Nordic Days of the Week Printable

Before the Christian migration to Scandinavia and other Nordic areas, natives recorded calendars and events in runes on stavs.


Pre-Christian stavs recorded dates and events according to the sun's phase, the moon's phase or both. These pre-Christian lunar/solar/lunisolar calendars do not depict the observation of weekdays (Sunday, Monday, etc.) 

With the Christian migration came a system of organization, including the introduction of books and new calendar constructs shared by surrounding areas. Although natives began adopting the weekday constructs, they used their folklore as a base to make the days of the week their own. (Learn more about Old Norse calendars here)

Can you match the English day name with its Old Norse counterpart? 

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