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Vikings in Québec-Part 1

Updated: Jul 19

I have some very exciting news! For the last four years the military has had my family living in Québec City, Québec. A French-speaking province with a rich historic background. I have been hunting for traces of Viking-life here for years. I had found a clan a couple years ago but the plague kept everyone apart. With the pandemic is nearly over, life returning to normal, and the Kickstarter campaign launching for my new book, opportunities and discoveries are flooding in. One of these opportunities included an interview in Celtic Nations Magazine. They requested a Viking-inspired lifestyle photo. To do this, I reached out to the Anglophone Facebook community who recommended a couple really cool businesses. The post also led to a radio show opportunity! With limited time, I messaged Clan de l'Estuaire to see if they could lend me any ideas for the photo and the radio show. This is where it gets cool. The clans Drengr (oath-sworn warrior), Jonathan Guay, invited my family to the clan's battle practice to borrow their shields and talk business.

Together we discussed the upcoming radio show with Le Machin Club - an event by Partout Où On Va (part of the CKRL 891 network), where three children will be invited to an exclusive reading of Old Mother Frost and Who Is That in the Sky? They will ask questions on television. Included will be an interview with me, Jonathan and the clan's Jarl, Sébastien Fréchette. I am especially excited for the event set-up we planned. The children will arrive to a park in Levis where I will read my books in front of a Viking tent. Members of the clan will be battling in the background while wearing full Viking gear! That is part one of my cool news. Now that I have introduced Clan de l'Estuaire, it is time to tell you more about them:

Clan de l'Estuaire is a non-profit organization filled with passionate people who re-enact the daily life of a nomad Viking clan. This clan focuses exclusively on reconstructing life from Scandinavia and surrounding territories during the Viking Age (793-1066).

Established in 2013, this group has become a close-knit family and brotherhood that dresses and eats like Vikings, while promoting great spirit and values to live by. Happy to share their passion with others, they attend and host a variety of events; including: battle practices, equipment maintenance, school demonstrations, public festivals, and private member events. When I asked what to expect at these events, the clan's Drengr, Jonathan Guay said, "A LOT of things! People will be completely emerged into the past through living history. Instead of browsing pictures on the Internet, they will live in the moment - in real time! They will see how Vikings lived, ate, dressed, worked and fought."

Different events and packages can include many educational demonstrations where the clan members interacts with its audience. These demonstrations can include: crafting, games, fighting shows, axe-throwing, educational conferences, a photo-booth with fighting equipment and more.

"We offer a few packages to suit activity needs and budget," says Jonathan, "We can do anything from small conferences to bigger set-ups with fighting demonstrations and more. We always try to adapt to the need. We mainly work with local schools, but we can go almost anywhere depending on the need."

This year Clan de l'Estuaire is attending two major events:

  1. Feste médiévale de Saint-Marcellin: August 20-22, 2021

  2. Festival Celtique de Québec: September 10-12, 2021

Being part of these events are only a small part of what brings the clan together. "The best part of being part of Clan de l'Estuaire is being part of a family, belonging to a group of people who are united by the same passion," says Jonathan, "It's knowing that these are people you can trust. You share with them, learn with them, and build strong bonds with them. It is all about having the chance to learn things together that are no longer taught in modern society."

The best way to support Clan de l'Estuaire is by following and subscribing to their Facebook and Instagram pages, and inviting them to your schools, events and festivals. You can also shop their merchandise at public events; which will be made available on their official website (coming soon). For any questions for Jonathan or Clan de l'Estuaire, please get in touch with them on their Facebook page or by email:

Clan de l'Estauire battle practice grounds in Levis, Quebec.

Stay tuned for: Vikings in Québec (Part 2) - where I share my experience at a real, hand-crafted Viking home situated in a northern Fjord.

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