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Canadian and U.S. Statistics on Pagan Families - A Survey Conducted by @PaganKids

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who took time out to answer my market research questions a couple weeks ago. THANK YOU!! Your answers are going to help me succeed at marketing my children's Yuletide book, Old Mother Frost – which I plan to release in November 2020.

I really wanted to dive into specifics and gather statistics on parents who fall into a category of those interested in Norse mythology, paganism/Heathenry/Asatru; and frankly I was having a difficult time finding any numbers relating to that. So I conducted a survey and got the answers I was looking for and more! Between 12 Facebook pages I collected data from 218 willing participants. 155 of these participants have kids ages 4 and up. NOTE: The attached result will include all age demographics and not only results aimed at children ages 4 and up.

As a strong believer in business-to-business support, I'm sharing my results and analytics. So, if you're writing a pagan book, I hope this insight helps you.

***THE RESULTS*** In a 7-day survey conducted by Pagan Kids from June 23- June 30th, 2020, the average age of pagan participants with children ages 4+ are between the ages of 30-40. Among those surveyed, most parents were from the United States (102) followed by Canada (47):

  • Canadian Parents (kids 4+) range in age between 23-56, with most parents between the age of 35-40

  • US Parents (kids 4+) range between ages 22-66. Most parents are between the age of 30-35

  • All Parents (kids 4+) surveyed (with results from the UK, Finland, Australia and Mexico) show an age range between 22-66, with most parents between the age of 30-36

In conclusion, the recommended target audience for pagan books written for children ages 4+ are Americans and Canadians between the age of 30-40.

For more specific details of the information gathered, please see the document attached below.

Pagan Family Market Research Survey
Download PDF • 657KB

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