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The Twelve Gifts of Yuletide

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A 2020 gift-giving guide featuring unique, tasteful and cool ideas for the Norse pagans in the family. One of the hardest tasks of the season is finding the right gifts for everyone. I ended up spending the week scouring the Internet for unique finds that support small businesses in our community. Without further ado here is the Norse pagan gift-giving guide for 2020:

12 Gift Ideas for Yuletide

(Clicking the pictures will take you directly to the shop link)


L'Atelier Korrigane - Offering artisanal creations inspired by Mother Earth. Shop the website or Etsy store for Yule boxes, jewellery, ornaments, pendants and more!


Moonstruck by Sarah - Unique, exquisite and magical. Offering luxury candles, wreaths, macramé art and jewellery, this Washington-based Etsy shop is bound to leave recipients awestruck.


Forge of the Phoenix - Custom chainmail and glass accessories straight from the fires of a phoenix rebirth! This forger crafts chainmail clothing and accessories, and beautiful one-of-a kind Elder Farthuk rune sets.


Time Nomads - Offering unique and custom-made pagan gifts for Yule from home accessories, Viking coasters, rune sets and more, you're sure to find the perfect gift here:


3D Moon Lamp - Do you have someone who means more than the world to you? Give the gift of the moon this holiday season and watch their face illuminate in amazement.

Fun Fact: Did you know Yule is traditionally celebrated over the course of 3-days during the full moon?


VikinGenes - Offering handcrafted Norse merchandise inspired by the gods. Here you will find handcrafted axes, Mjolnir necklaces, wooden watches, Fenrir arm rings and more. The detail is exquisite!


Letavica Store - A unique shop from Ukraine designing home décor and clothing; including: knitted Viking helmets, notebooks and key chains, and exquisitely hand embroidered pillowcases and baby clothing.


Pagan Kids - A Yuletide book based on the Norse pagan origins of the holidays. It follows tales of an ancient goddess who makes sure children are happy, healthy and festive during the longest and coldest time of year.


Friojanestudio - This Etsy shop offers exquisite Hnefatafl Viking chess sets, rune sets, beeswax candles and plush creatures from Fantastic Beasts and other sources.

*Keep an eye on shipping times before you order!


Norse Tradesman - Offering handcrafted Viking inspired goods to satisfy the inner Heathen, you will find a large collection of drinking horns, Viking combs, swords, war horns, axes, helmets and more.


The Beard Struggle - On a mission to support the masculinity of beard growers everywhere, this brotherhood offers all-natural and organic items like: heated beard brushes, oils, wash and everything else needed to keep beards healthy, thick and smelling great!


Nordic Sisterhood - This shop has you covered for all your modern Heathen attire needs; including: fitness attire, loungewear, masks, ugly heathen holiday sweaters and more.

Save 10% off - Model's Discount code: MISTY


Don't forget to use Eco Friendly stationary!

(Click the image for the shop link to open)


There you have it folks. Twelve unique ideas for the Norse pagan in your family that will support small businesses during this holiday season. I hope you enjoy visiting the shops listed above as much as I enjoyed finding them. If you have any recommendations of favourite Norse pagan artists or similar small businesses add them to the comment section below; and please help support each other by sharing the post with your friends. Our community is tiny but together we are mighty. God Jul! Jennifer Hartman

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