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What is Patreon?

This was my question late last week when a follower of my @PaganKids Instagram profile asked if he could get the link to my Patreon page. I did some research, and the premise of the platform is to allow fans to help support their artist or influencer. Whether it's $1, $3, $5 a month or more, supporters can contribute any monthly payment to the artist of their choice. Now I feel honored. Someone really likes my resource enough to want to help support me! My next question was, am I really good enough for this?

Within days I had a podcast interview with Witchy Mamas to talk about my upcoming book, Old Mother Frost', my upbringing with a pagan mom and a pagan mom a child of her own. Billie helped explain the importance of believing in yourself, and being willing to receive a thanks for all the hours/days/weeks of effort I put into the content I create. Convinced, I created: I still wasn't convinced that I'm good enough. As most things naturally progress, I started looking into other ways I can help the Norse Pagan children's community. My dreams have expanded.

Of course I want to continue providing simple fun facts and resources to children using my @PaganKids social media channels; and of course I want to continue writing research-based books on Norse pagan stories; but what else can I do? Aha, I think I've got it! One of the questions I see a lot is, 'What are some Norse Pagan books for children?' There aren't a lot out there, and they're hard to find. I did make a small list in a previous post of books I've found, but there has to be more. How can authors support each other and grow their reach? Storytelling! With funds from Patreon, I want to set up a studio with the right audio-visual equipment so I can work with other authors to provide weekly storytelling for children. It will help parents review the books they want their children to read and have, and it will help other Norse authors get their books known and loved. Thanks to one person's message of support Pagan Kids will hopefully go from being one cool Yuletide book and an educational resource, to a book series and parent/author storytelling resource!


Jennifer Hartman

Author, Old Mother Frost

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