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LIVE: Pagan Kids 4th Annual Yuletide Special

Live: The 4th Annual Pagan Kids Yuletide Special

Just in time for the Yuletide season, the Pagan Kids 4th Annual Yuletide Special is now available to watch on YouTube!

This year, our YouTube special will feature an author read-along to these three stories:

Whether you already have our books, can't get them in time, or didn't know our books existed, this is our way of gifting our stories to your families over the holiday season to make them extra special.

Find it on the Pagan Kids 4th Annual Yuletide Special below:

About The Books

Old Mother Frost by Jennifer Hartman

A modern fairy tale based on Nordic traditions and pre-Christian legends.

Old Mother Frost is a Yuletide story of an ancient Norse goddess who sleeps all year long, waking only to make sure children are happy, healthy and festive during the longest and coldest nights of the year.

Fun Facts From This Book:

  • Yule is a holiday. In modern times, Sweden (and other Nordic countries) celebrate it on December 24th every year.

  • Yuletide is celebrated by decorating an evergreen tree, lighting a Yule log, enjoying a meal with family and sharing thanks.

  • Old Mother Frost and Mother Hulda are English names for a German deity known as Frau Holle

  • Frau Holle, the goddess of the home, is a spinner and weaver. She cares about the well-being of children.

  • Legends of Frau Holle are older than those of Odin, Thor, Freya and Loki. Her stories are even older than the early tales of Santa Claus.

  • Ford hundreds of years, there were not any books on Frau Holle. Her legends were only passed on through storytelling.

  • The Brothers Grimm are famous writers who popularized many folk and fairy tales in the 1800s. They created their own version of Frau Holle where they taught that hard work is rewarded.

Luke & The Longest Night by Kathleen Converse

Luke loves the winter solstice, a celebration filled with songs, treats, and, best of all, gifts. But when a thunderstorm turns out the lights on his Yule party, Luke will remember what really matters most—the joy of being with those we love.

Fun Facts From This Book:

  • Each time the seasons change, we have a chance to pause, reflect, and connect more deeply with the world around us. One way to mark these seasonal shifts is by following The Wheel of the Year. This is a series of eight seasonal holidays, or sabbats, celebrated by Wiccans, pagans, witches, and anyone who feels a spiritual connection to nature and the seasons.

  • The winter solstice occurs between December 20-22 in the Northern Hemisphere and June 20-22 in the Southern Hemisphere. Pagans and Wiccans call this day Yule.

  • The solstices are the shortest and longest days of each year, marking the beginning of winter and summer on the modern calendar. The winter solstice is the shortest day with the longest night, while the summer solstice is the longest day with the shortest night.

  • Throughout history, people have come up with rituals, celebrations, and traditions to get through the darkest days of winter. Common themes for this sabbat include acts of kindness, community connection, and service.

  • Evergreen trees serve as a symbol of hope because they keep their leaves throughout the winter. Decorating trees, burning a Yule log, baking sun bread, and lighting candles are all symbolic acts to help welcome the return of the sun.

  • Often holidays focus on consumerism and what we receive or accumulate. The winter solstice can ground us in the greatest gifts of all–our relationships with others and connection with nature.

Yule Lads Legend: Iceland's Jólasveinar by Heidi Herman

After accidentally being seen by a human, an Icelandic Christmas troll must rely on a young shepherd boy to keep his presence in the village a secret. The troll makes a gift as a bribe for the little boy's silence but is surprised at the child's happiness. The troll soon learns that giving joy to someone else can be one of the greatest gifts you can receive. He shares this secret with his twelve troll brothers, and one by one, they each find the meaning of Christmas spirit. Even from a source as unlikely as a troll, something that starts as a selfish act, when wrapped up in Christmas spirit, can grow into something wonderful.


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