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Pagan Kids is an all-inclusive online resource for Norse pagan families. Here you will find:

Quick and informative information about: 

The Viking Age lifestyle, Norse Mythology, Scandinavian folklore, fairy tales and traditions

Free printable activities for kids with accompanying mini-lessons

Children's books written by Jennifer Hartman


Family activities for Norse pagan celebrations and festivals


Project Funding Shop:

Heathen Barn by Pagan Kids offers clothing and items for men, women, children and babies. Proceeds go towards paying for illustrations, projects, and helping our community grow. 

Reviews of Old Mother Frost

This exquisitely illustrated book introduces young children to Old Mother Frost and some of the traditional activities families engage in during the holidays. It is a delightfully cosy book that begs to be read by a roaring fire with a hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows and cream! I would also be tempted to display it on a shelf alongside other Yuletide decorations; it just has a feel of the season. 

- Debi Gregory, Witch Path Forward

"My son really likes it! Last night was our first night of seasonal books, and he was so excited to choose it for the first, but REALLY liked the facts at the end. He did a short video review for family and wanted to read each tidbit to them. We're definitely excited to see more of your work!" 

- Tracey Ouellette

Heathen fashion for men, women and children

Heathen Barn by Pagan Kids takes inspiration from Norse mythology, folklore, heathenry and paganism and turns them into modern designs you and your family will be proud to wear.

All proceeds from Heathen Barn go toward supporting Pagan Kids initiatives; such as: 

creating more children's books, affording design programs for awesome content, research tools, and supporting other artists of our community.

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