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Old Mother Frost - Thank You

Author thanks pagan community for Global Success of her book: Old Mother Frost

Today marks the end of the 45-day crowd-funding campaign that gave everyone the opportunity to pre-order Old Mother Frost before the winter holidays. Old Mother Frost is a children's Yuletide book based on the Norse pagan origins of the holidays. It officially sold over 120 copies throughout: Canada, the United States, the UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia! Honestly I can not believe the support I received. Old Mother Frost would not have come so far if it were not for the support and encouragement from the online pagan communities, my friends and my family. Thank you all so much! If you missed the opportunity to get your copy of Old Mother Frost, the official launch date is November 13, 2020 - in respect to Remembrance Day (Canada). It will be self-published using Ingram Spark and made available across several online distribution partners around the world; including: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters / Indigo (Canada). I will be busy filling out orders throughout the week, and I am very hopeful to finish before October 31. I look forward to connecting with everyone to see how you are enjoying and honoring your celebrations this year, and I can not wait to hear your reviews of Old Mother Frost!


Jennifer Hartman

Pagan Kids

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