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Mabon for the Family

September 20-24: Mabon | Fallfaest | Haustblot

Mabon is the 7th celebration on The Wheel of the Year. It is a minor event that celebrates the second of three harvest celebrations of the year (First was Lammas, second is Mabon, third is Samhain). It is likely that the pagan ancestors were too busy harvesting their crops to celebrate; but as privileged descendants we have more opportunity to enjoy it.

So, what can we do to celebrate Mabon? Other than the common bonfires, feasts and dancing, here are some ideas offered from historical records and modern pagan communities:

Go Foraging

- Find craft supplies in nature

- Go pick seasonal fruits/veggies and bake some fall-time goodies

- Use the season to inspire decorations for your home

Share thanks and celebrate for the opportunity to be warm and well-fed

Enjoy your spoils, but remember to be thankful for it all

Go Camping

This is the last opportunity to go camping until spring arrives. Get out into the brisk fall air, take a hike, light some fires. Enjoy outdoor time with your family before you're all cooped up inside for the winter.

Seriously. Hit the road, grab a Tims, enjoy your flannel, and enjoy being one with the great outdoors! (Oops. I think my Canadian is showing.).

Throw your bones to the fire

Pre-Christian Germany would throw animal bones to the fire. Once the fire was ablaze, everyone in the community would gather to enjoy its heat. It helped the families and community bond. This was important because it was better to be together and warm, than alone and cold. On a semi-related note, did you know bones are a great fire-starter?

Offer help to your neighbors

- Give your gently used clothing to the less fortunate

- Help someone rake their leaves or get their food

- Donate food to a food bank

This is a modern take on communities making sure everyone in the community is okay. If our ancient ancestors were not ready for the cold season, they may not have survived to the spring. Today some of us are fortunate to have warm clothing, electricity, heat, and the ability to help out around the house. so, let's care for our neighbors who may not have these things.

Norse Mythology

When it came to Norse Mythology, the pagans would have celebrated the Gods of food harvest. These include:

  • Frey, for good harvest, sunshine and fair weather

  • Nerthus, for peace and prosperity

  • Iduna, for hard work ethic, health and rejuvenation

  • Njord, to be wealthy in fishing and hunt

  • Jord. a goddess of land and earth

  • Snotra, for hard work and hospitality

  • Huldra, keeper of flocks.

Other gods that would be celebrated include:

  • Bragi , for his storytelling

  • Saga, the keeper of histories, prophecies and wisdom

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