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1st Year Anniversary

Thank you for your support during this year of growth and accomplishment!

Pagan Kids began as an author's dream to get a research-based children's Yule book into the hands of parents looking to nurture their Scandinavian and Norse heritage. It quickly grew into a Norse Pagan resource for families offering lessons, free activities and more! I base my books on memories I have of my Swedish upbringing, and then research, fact-check and learn the historic facts and evolution of the holidays and traditions. A lot of research goes into my books. At least one month of studies take place just to solidify the concept for my manuscripts. Along the way I learn a lot about Norse mythology, medieval culture, holidays, and traditions (both new and old). I turn these lessons into simple and digestible information parents can share with their kids. To check out what is available and what's coming soon visit my BOOKS page on the site.

Free Stuff

On this path I realized there are not a lot of resources for parents to help teach their kids about Norse paganism and holidays. I ended up creating free printables for kids, which includes activities like: word search, crossword puzzles, word-match, colouring pages and even medieval sheet music from the Codex Regus. Each activity comes with a mini lesson to the right of the file (not visible from mobile sites).

The problem with creating these free activities is they look like they were created in the 90s. Thankfully I have been given the opportunity to feature real artists on my site. I include their art in the Featured Artists page for children colour. I encourage everyone to post their completed rendition on social media and tag @PaganKids and the artists so we can feature them as a 'show-and-tell' post or story.

Onward & Upward Along the way I have partnered with a home-schooling parent ( who creates amazing Waldorf inspired curriculum for pagan children. They send me these curriculum packages eight times a year. We offer a few printables on my site for kids, and I share images from the bundle in educational videos online for to keep the videos interesting. This is very new, but this partnership has helped us grow our audience tremendously. We hope to do a joint give-away combining our products this upcoming holiday season.

Yuletide Special

Last year was the inaugural Pagan Kids Yuletide Special on my YouTube channel, where I work with other like-minded authors to combine three Yuletide stories for children to enjoy. This insures children get to enjoy our stories, even if they couldn't get our books in time. It also provides kids who have the books to read along with their authors. These specials are only available for a limited time from Dec 21-Feb 1.

Funding I try to rely only on the sale of my books to fund everything, but sometimes it is not enough. Although I try not to push it, I have three methods of funding so supporters can help Pagan Kids afford programs and services that keep programs going. These include:

  1. The Heathen Barn by Pagan Kids shop on Spring (formally Teespring) - These simple designs were created so moms, dad, children and babies can feel comfortable representing their lifestyle in public without feeling like they're parading for attention.

  2. PayPal Tips - This is a one-time, any-time contribution that says 'thanks for all you're doing. Keep it up!'

  3. Patreon - Patreon is a monthly subscription where you can chose to donate $3.00 USD or more per month to help support Pagan Kids projects. It's a little bit every month most people won't miss, but together the contributions help fund software needed to keep the quality of Pagan Kids up to standard (ie. website, graphics and videos).

In the end, I provide a lot of information to capture the attention of various types of people. I build a connection with everyone I can, and together we make one awesome community!

I am even pleased to say that I have two teenagers following me too (at least two that I know of). They are very eager to learn. I give them free access to anything I put on my Patreon because I want parents to trust their kids aren't being influenced to purchase anything online out of fear of missing out. So that is Pagan Kids! Please let me know what you enjoy or want to see more of. I am eager to continue growing with everyone in this community. Thank you for following and supporting me this far. If you would like to be added to my waiting list for future book releases, please email me at: so I can add you to the list. Thanks for reading, Jennifer Hartman Pagan Kids

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